Here are five AWESOME reasons why Ted and I chose to do a webcomic.

Online is a totally new and unique platform for storytelling. Comics scholar Scott McCloud talks of the infinite canvas/page in online comics. There's a lot creators can do online! You can present stories in whole new ways! Maybe I'll delve into those in a future post. Web comics are a whole new category in comics! Is it the new indie? You could say that. Though we're not counting out the option to publish WIP in tangible form in the near future, for now we're good having our stuff online. Which leads us to...

Almost everyone has an Internet connection. So I figure, I can just say, 'hey please check out our web comic!' "OK!' says the imaginary listener. Heh. Seriously though, web comics is easily accessible. Just type the url in (http://wipcomics.weebly.com) and read away! No need to buy anything. Well, you will need a computer and Internet connection, but that's beside the point! hehe. This, of course, leads us to...

Since most of us spend a good number of hours daily online, I have an audience instantly at hand already. I just plug away via Facebook and Twitter and I've spread the word around! And since everything's online, anyone from anywhere in the world can read it! How COOL is this?! Don't just think local, think GLOBAL! (What!)  (hehe :D) With this in mind, we go to...

Since anyone can access and read the comic, Readers are free to comment on the story via the Shoutbox (to the right of this page) and our CONTACT US page. Love it? Hate it? Tell us! We'll listen! Got suggestions? Lay 'em on us! Again, how COOL is this?! :D Aand of course...

DUH. No hidden charges here, folks! (well, if you don't count the Internet and electricity bill.) 

So there you have it! Join me again next week as I write about, um...

...I got nothing yet. 

But I will eventually!

Stay tuned! 

-Hub :D
"According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It's wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. 
The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don't care what humans think is impossible."

Hey, hey. My first post! I can't have Hub take the mic all the time can I?

Anyway, first off, if you are reading this, it means you've probably spent a few minutes of your time to stop by this little nook in cyberspace, and for that I am very much grateful you have! This is one of those endeavors that seem rather pointless unless people like you drop by every now and then to check if we're still alive.:D So again, my sincerest thanks to you all. 

To tell you the truth, in a logical point of view, WIP should not really exist, and I'm surprised that its actually here. Lookit - 
We're not getting paid to do this, or publish regularly, or have it quality controlled the way we've done it. 

In fact, during the conception of WIP, Hub and I were very much busy with our stuff. there's no real incentive to have this done or get this done. 

But here we are, nearing our second post, and already planning out the rest of the series for the rest of the year. Over a project that gets us nowhere and takes up a lot of our time. 

Simply illogical, but we're doing it anyway. :D

I'm not sure why, but for the sake of giving an answer, lets just say we're really passionate about comics. 

At one point or another, both of us have been fans of comics. And somehow the next step seems to make comics of our own. Simply sitting back waiting for the next Arnold Arre masterpiece, or the next Alanguilan project isn't going to cut it. 
We want to be in the thick of it too. We have our stories we'd like to tell, and we think its worth telling. Which is part of the reason why we're doing this. (Another reason would be to get girls, but who are we kidding? It was cute back in HS, but now its definitely not effective. hahaha) 

Last week we took the first step in what looks like a very very long journey, and all we hope that you all come by to read our comics every Wednesday(and the occasional blog Mondays and Fridays). 
We hope to see you for many weeks to come! Bring lunch!

- Teddy 
August 29, 2009. 7:34PM. That's the exact time (according to my YM message archive) that I buzzed Teddy about starting a comic. I was at work that time then when the idea hit me. Maybe the stress mounting on me that time pushed me (and Teddy) to do this comic. I dunno. I just know that I've always wanted to tell a story through comics ever since I could draw! I actually made a 16-page comic back when I was 8 (That's a story for another day) hehe. 

Anyhoo, so here we are, months later. A lot of planning, brainstorming, plus  simultaneous real world stuff went into this. I'd rather not go into details there or I'd be writing a book. Heh. 

Work in Progress, is well, a work in progress. (WOT!) We're 10 pages in and we haven't really started the story yet! So stay tuned! Starting next week, we update ONE PAGE a week. I know that seems BITIN and all but that's what we can do as of the moment. If our schedules permit, we'll post TWO pages! YEA! Hehe. 

So there, muchos thanks to my peeps who've liked what they saw and weren't annoyed (much) with my constant Facebook note-tagging. Hehe. I had to promote this somehow! So please do join us in this wild and crazy ride of WIP. It's gonna be a long one, seriously. 

- Hub :D

Woohoo! Our little tribute to Harvey Pekar's American Splendor
Last one before we up the FIRST WIP poster this week! Waitforiiiit peeps!
Teaser # 2's out! We're taking things one day at a time, peeps. 
TEASER # 1 is finally out! CLICK HERE to see it! Yep it's official now! WIP is coming this January 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D
- Hub