Congrats to the graduates of batch 2010! This is the start of a new day for you guys! 

I'm admittedly a casual Neil Gaiman fan, having only read Sandman. When I was in line for last Thursday's book signing at Rockwell (my fir, I repeatedly told my new friend/line buddy Paige that I am not and will not be starstruck. Hell, I used to see local celebs day in and day out at work before, so this shouldn't be too hard! 

Alas, I succumbed (as seen in the above illustrative reenactment of that moment). :D

Anyhoo, despite that megatron-fail moment, Paige still managed to snap a quick Instax of me with the man of the hour. (Thanks, Paige!)
And what advice did Neil Gaiman leave me with?

Take a look. 

Well, 'til I have enough money on me, I mean. Haha! Got some good ones from today's Comic Odyssey Summer Sale. Some of those being Paul Pope's !00%, GIlbert Hernandez' Citizen Rex #1, and DC: A New Frontier #1. 

I really hope they have these P50 bin sales more often. Ehem-ehem. ;)
(The Photo above by Hub Pacheco. You can check out more of his stuff here )

"How satisfying is it to leave a mark on a blank surface. To make a map of my movement--no matter how temporary." 
- Craig Thompson, Blankets

I'd like to take some time off some comic to relate stuff to relay my condolences to Sir Benjie Marasigan as his wife passed away this morning due to cancer. May you find peace with God ma'am. 

The last few years I've had a few relatives or relatives of friends that have succumbed to this illness, but it still feels shocking to hear someone pass from it. 
Thinking about mortality kinda puts things in perspective though, coz somehow knowing how limited the time we have in this world, being petty or worrying too much about little things seem absurd. 

Life is to be lived and enjoyed because it comes as quickly as it goes. 
Aim to move forward, never look back. 
Live and love. 
Doing WIP has been a surprise, honestly. I never imagined I'd be where I am right now - making comics while being a photographer (and some other miscellaneous rakets in between). The circumstances that led me here are mind-rattling. What are those circumstances? Well, I'll save those details in my memoirs (WHOT!). HAH!

Kidding aside, It's been a real hoot to be doing this. And I guess my point here is this: Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. You can't escape them. You just have to figure your way through them and soldier on. 

Enjoy life. It's the only one we have. 

-Hub :D


**(The picture above depicts a stressful moment. Kudos to WIP's co-creator and his acting skillzzzzz. Ghad this is gonna be another one of them mindless posts. haha.)***

There are around 15 or more things happening on my head right now. 
There are times when I can literally feel my brain shift whenever I switch from being creative to hitting the books. 
There are days when I just feel so stressed out and wish I could cut back on things. And right now my brains registering a blank and I can't figure out what to write. 
But then I think about all the opportunities I've already lost, all the comics that I could've written but put off because I was "too busy", all the projects I shelved since I had more priorities to take care of, and I figure its high time I pushed myself just a little bit harder to keep this up. 
Nothing worthwhile comes easy after all. And I have a feeling in my gut that what we're doing here is something.