Ted and me holding the first WIPCOMICS flyer. Hehe. (Mucho thanks to WIlson Tortosa for the photo!)
Ted and I had an AWESOME/MEGA-TIRING TIME at Summer KOMIKON 2010 in UP-D yesterday. 

It was real cool to meet a lot of comics peeps namely Callwork's Hazel Manzano, Macoy (ang Maskot), Josel Nicolas (El Bimbo Variations), JP Cuison and Dennis Nierra (Punnx Comics), AJ Hecali & Jules Gregorio (Lucia), Nico Villarete & Janno Gonzales & Nico Zapanta (Gerilya), Arly Pescuela (Green Reaper), Elmer Damaso (Cat's Trail), Sir Gerry Alangulan (Elmer), Kevin Ang (Zombies in Manila), Mervin Ignacio & Ian Sta. Maria (Skyworld), Mel Casipit (Baboy, Dogstyle), Jose Gamboa (LABAN!: A Love Story), Manix Abrera (Kikomachine Komix), Gio Paredes (Kalayaan), Nixon Na & Ron Escultura (TRIPLE! PUNCH! KOMIKS!), Jonathan Salazar (Break Out Comics), and the Comicspotting guys! (whoo! lotsa peeps!)

Anyhoo, now it's back to the drawing board for us. WIPCOMICS'll still be updating on Wednesdays, noon-ish so be sure to drop by and read the latest page. See you guys again soon in the next con! Maybe we can give out something other than out ultra cool photo cards! Haha!


Bt-dub, photos from yesterday's Summer Komikon are HERE (Facebook) or HERE (Multiply). 

-Hub :D
I don't think I've told a lot of people about this, I'm not the kind of person who likes to brag too much after all(too much being the operational word).
Buuut, seeing as its been around 6 years already, and I've been cleaning up lately and stumbled on old CCCom mags...
Guess whose artwork was on Issue 15?? Hehehehe...