"I don't think on stage, I feel. Once you're up there, you're who you are. You're not thinking." 
 - Keith Richards on what goes on in his mind during a concert. 

I think the best advice anyone could get about making comics is to just not worry about anything and just make one. No ifs or buts about it. 

Just grab the nearest piece of paper and draw. That simple.

Sure, I could say that you'd need to read certain things first (like anatomy, or figure drawing), or study a certain course in college (like literature, or Communication). That’s the smartest thing to do after all right? You’d want to be prepared before you start doing your first comic. No harm there.

The problem with getting too much information before you even start making your first comic, is that by then, you’d have too many “rules” and “principles”, and you can’t even get yourself to get past the first page. You end up endlessly debating with yourself how to make your intro better. You’d run through your mind all the possible angles or positions to make your page interesting. Heck, you might even defer writing and drawing to research/study comics further. And you know what? Despite all that hard work, at the end of the day, you’d still end up with a blank piece of paper. You end up deflated and defeated, and all that gung ho about making comics goes down the drain.

So, no. Learning isn’t really the best way to start. I’d actually recommend you just draw it. Empty your mind. Let that story in your head guide your hand. Never mind that little cencor in your head that tells you to stop, that makes u cringe at that dialogue you’re writing.

Get it all down, enjoy the experience, and learn from it. It may not be the best story you can think of, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be the worst thing you’ve done either.

To make good comics, you must MAKE comics first. Which means, even if you think your first comic is bad, at least you’ve gotten enough experience down to know what works for you, and how you can improve the next time around. In any case, you can’t come up with something good if you’ve never made anything bad…unless you’re innately good at comics, in which case, congratulations to you.

Way better than ending up with a blank sheet of paper, wouldn’t you agree? 
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