Here are five AWESOME reasons why Ted and I chose to do a webcomic.

Online is a totally new and unique platform for storytelling. Comics scholar Scott McCloud talks of the infinite canvas/page in online comics. There's a lot creators can do online! You can present stories in whole new ways! Maybe I'll delve into those in a future post. Web comics are a whole new category in comics! Is it the new indie? You could say that. Though we're not counting out the option to publish WIP in tangible form in the near future, for now we're good having our stuff online. Which leads us to...

Almost everyone has an Internet connection. So I figure, I can just say, 'hey please check out our web comic!' "OK!' says the imaginary listener. Heh. Seriously though, web comics is easily accessible. Just type the url in (http://wipcomics.weebly.com) and read away! No need to buy anything. Well, you will need a computer and Internet connection, but that's beside the point! hehe. This, of course, leads us to...

Since most of us spend a good number of hours daily online, I have an audience instantly at hand already. I just plug away via Facebook and Twitter and I've spread the word around! And since everything's online, anyone from anywhere in the world can read it! How COOL is this?! Don't just think local, think GLOBAL! (What!)  (hehe :D) With this in mind, we go to...

Since anyone can access and read the comic, Readers are free to comment on the story via the Shoutbox (to the right of this page) and our CONTACT US page. Love it? Hate it? Tell us! We'll listen! Got suggestions? Lay 'em on us! Again, how COOL is this?! :D Aand of course...

DUH. No hidden charges here, folks! (well, if you don't count the Internet and electricity bill.) 

So there you have it! Join me again next week as I write about, um...

...I got nothing yet. 

But I will eventually!

Stay tuned! 

-Hub :D
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